Rebranding of BRT identity

Following the development of BRT business venture, the company underwent a rebranding process, professionalizing and creating what we believe to be a strong, consistent and recognizable brand for the future.

European Commission SEAL OF EXCELLENCE

BRT has been awarded the EU quality label for first-class innovation ideas worthy of investment for the project proposal 784022, MiStem, Revolutionizing Transplantation Treatment of Blood Cancers: Direct Reprogramming of Skin Cells into Blood Stem Cells, being scored as a “HIGH-QUALITY PROJECT PROPOSAL IN A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE EVALUATION PROCESS”.

Arrisca C 2016 Business Plan Competition Winner

In June 2017, BRT Blood Reprogramming Technologies was awarded with the Best Business Plan Award promoted by Arrisca C. Arrisca C is a national entrepreneurship competition promoted by the University of Coimbra with the objective of supporting innovative technologies with potential to become viable business projects.

Montepio Acredita Portugal Competition Winner – Healthcare Sector

In June 2017, BRT Blood Reprogramming Technologies was awarded with the Health Award promoted by the 7th Edition of the Concurso Montepio Acredita Portugal. This contest was organized by Acredita Portugal and sponsored by Montepio, Brisa, Kcsit, between other partners, having collected more than 13 000 registrations.

IneoStart acceleration program promoted by IPN

In March 2017, BRT Blood Reprogramming Technologies participated in the 3rd Edition of the Ineo Start Program promoted by Instituto Pedro Nunes, in collaboration with University of Coimbra and JeKnowledge. This program enabled the solidification of BRT’s Business Strategy.

COHiTEC acceleration program promoted by COTEC

The COHiTEC Program was created in 2004 by COTEC Portugal – Associação Empresarial para a Inovação, with the goal of promoting the valorization of knowledge created in R&D institutions and aiming to support the transfer of this knowledge to the market. The program has the support of Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Caixa Capital and is held in…